Welcome to EcomChat Forums

EcomChat is a free to join networking group for ecommerce and digital professionals who want to learn from fellow digital specialists and share their own insights and experience to help others.

With more than 2,300 followers of EcomChat worldwide, it’s the perfect place to connect with smart people and learn more about ecommerce and digital marketing.

What you’ll get from the forums

We have added forums in response to regular requests to provide a means for more detailed discussion on ecommerce and digital topics.

5 reasons to join our EcomChat Forums:

  1. Build your network; connect with a wide range of digital and ecommerce experts
  2. Get your questions answered by experienced ecommerce and digital specialists
  3. Exchange views and debate hot topics
  4. Search and find ecommerce best practice advice and guidance
  5. Get feedback on and discover the tools of the trade and the latest tech.

How to use the forums – the essentials

We’re starting simple with one main ecommerce forum. Over time we’ll extend to more forums once we’ve got a clear idea of the topics of most interest to members.

On the main ecommerce forum you can do the following:

  • Access current topics and read all live posts from other members
  • See who’s posting and what they’re saying
  • Connect with other members by clicking through to their profile page
  • Add your own response to a topic or to a specific post
  • Add a new topic to start a conversation on something that’s of interest to you
  • Share topic pages and posts via your social networks.

A few tips of how to be a forum superstar:

  • Before posting a new topic, please check that there isn’t an existing topic covering the subject matter – it’s better to join an existing discussion rather than expect other members to duplicate their effort
  • Please ensure that any reply you make to an existing topic or post is relevant; if you want to start a different discussion, please create a new topic
  • Be friendly, helpful and open to debate; we won’t always agree with each other but should always be polite and professional
  • Don’t be personal; if you disagree with someone, explain why constructively and never descend to the depths of personal insults and petty arguments.

If someone is being a forum bore, we’ll step in and have a friendly word or two!

Please note when using the social sharing, we’d love you to include the #EcomChat hashtag to spread the love.