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We welcome anyone with a genuine passion for and interest in the wonderful word of digital to join the EcomChat guest blogger parade.

Whilst anyone can apply, there are a few criteria we insist on, to ensure we maintain a good quality of content that is relevant and useful to the EcomChat audience. Here’s a quick summary:

Your content should:

  • Be unique, whether completely original or providing a unique viewpoint on existing material
  • Not simply talk about news; any news related posts must provide expert commentary or insight into the news being discussed
  • Provide ecommerce good practice advice, insight or guidance
  • Wherever possible, provide actionable insight to people can do something with what they have learned
  • At all times references sources to give fair credit to other people’s work
  • Clearly state when something is your opinion vs fact – opinion is fine, as long as we’re transparent about this
  • Include links to relevant reference material e.g. blogs, reports, tools etc.

We have an active audience, comprising experienced and switched on digital voyeurs. Blogs may attract comments, and sometimes people may disagree with you – please be open to debate. We ask that all communication on EcomChat follows the core values of the brand:

  • Open
  • Honest
  • Fair
  • Friendly
  • Professional

Whilst we’re not Big Brother, we do monitor content on the site to ensure we maintain a focus on quality and integrity. We’ll help you as much as possible to ensure your contribution to EcomChat gets the credit it deserves.

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If you’re interested in writing on EcomChat and getting your name in front of more than 1,000 ecommerce and digital marketing professionals, we’d love to chat.

Please send us a message or contact Dan or James via Twitter.

Thanks, we look forward to reading your digital wizardry!
James & Dan