Analytics + Measurement With and Without Cookies

February 1, 2021

It’s February already and we’re moving on to our next theme for EcomChat. This month we’re focusing on Ecommerce Trends. A suitably generic title granted but we want to touch on topics that have a broad appeal to ecommerce teams and that feature frequently in the predictions blogs for 2021.

“Analytics + Measurement With and Without Cookies”

This is an important topic. Increased privacy controls from browsers and device vendors, specifically Apple, has had a clear impact on the reliability of tracking users via traditional cookie methods. With iOS 14, Apple is introducing ATT and Google recently announced it too is updating all its apps to prepare for these changes in ad tracking.

But what does this really mean for ecommerce teams and digital marketers? If cookie tracking is becoming less accurate and reliable, what are the alternatives? We’ll discuss all this and more on this chat.

There will be a few conversation starter questions as always:

  1. What are the risks for ecommerce teams still relying solely on cookie-based tracking?
  2. How can a business move to 1st party cookies, what are the challenges?
  3. What are the viable alternatives and how can they be used?

We’re sure we’ll end up covering much more!

Thanks, James & Dan.

p.s. EcomChat pal Depesh Mandalia, CEO of SM Commerce, has authored an incredibly detailed guide to the impact on advertisers of Apple’s ATT move. It’s free to access on Google Docs.