EcomChat Forums Terms of use

It’s important we maintain a high quality of content on these forums, to keep them relevant and ensure we have a place where people enjoy coming and sharing information.

Please read the terms below and help us protect the integrity of EcomChat Forums by adhering to our simple request, and also by informing us if you think anyone is planting the seeds of destruction that will suck our forums into the spiraling chaos of sales/spam hell.

7 Golden Rules

  1. Be genuine

Please don’t exaggerate or bend the truth, we want people to have confidence in the information being shared.

  1. Be polite and professional

Debate and discussion is welcome but please do so in a constructive and friendly way; absolutely no abuse, discrimination or insults will be tolerated.

  1. No spam or junk links

This isn’t Monty Python, so please don’t spam us with junk posts to get external links, we’ll just delete and block you.

  1. No self-promotion

This isn’t a place to big yourself up; please focus on providing advice, guidance and insight.

  1. No direct selling

If you want to talk to someone about your product/service, invite them to connect with you outside the forum.

  1. Credit where credit is due

When sharing expertise you’ve gained from another source, please quote that source e.g. twitter ID, LinkedIn profile, article URL.

  1. Genuine recommendations only

If you’re recommending a service provider (agency, consultant, freelancer etc.), then please ensure that you have no commercial incentive to do so.

If we feel that posts are contravening these rules, we’ll first contact the poster and politely ask them to stop, but if it persists we’ll cancel their free membership.

Please note that as the forum grows, we intend to compile a service provider directory based on validated recommendations. We’ll ensure that each provider is reviewed and vetted before adding them, so that only reputable organisations that can deliver are listed.

Any questions?

We want you to enjoy being a part of the forums, so if there’s anything on your mind please contact Dan or James:

Dan Barker                                     James Gurd                

@danbarker                                   @jamesgurd

Forum feedback

We know there’s a lot more work to do to make the forums super slick. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Please use our contact form, or contact either of us using the details above.