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EcomChat is an ecommerce and digital marketing networking group that comes together every Monday for a live Twitter chat

EcomChat was set-up by James Gurd + Dan Barker, experienced digital professionals with a background in retail ecommerce and track record of delivering successful consultancy projects for a wide range of B2C and B2B Clients.

Through EcomChat you can connect with more than 1,000 digital professionals worldwide and exchange knowledge, experiences, thoughts and opinions on all things ecommerce. People of all levels and interests are welcome, whether contributing or simply listening.

What EcomChat offers you

Free peer-to-peer networking

Here are some random facts about EcomChat

EcomChat is a free ecommerce networking community designed to share digital expertise and knowledge

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Customer Match & Customer-Specific Advertising

Customer Match & Customer-Specific Advertising

Oct 05 2015

#EcomChat on Monday 5th October will discuss “AdWords Customer Match & Customer-Specific Advertising”. Google AdWords have announced they will now allow advertisers to…

10 Things You Should Do When Setting Up Google Analytics

10 Things You Should Do When Setting Up Google Analytics

Oct 02 2015

Your website needs web analytics for many reasons, not just to produce dashboards for reporting! I’ve been involved in many implementations, either…

The Impact of Black Friday on Ecommerce

The Impact of Black Friday on Ecommerce

Sep 28 2015

#EcomChat on Monday 28th September will discuss “Black Friday and Ecommerce”. Last year Black Friday accelerated the typical holiday season sales cycle as…

Content & Ad Blockers

Content & Ad Blockers

Sep 21 2015

#EcomChat on Monday 21st September will discuss “Content Blockers”. Apple recently announced that they will allow “content blockers” into the iOS app store,…

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