About EcomChat

EcomChat is an ecommerce and digital marketing networking group that comes together every Monday for a live Twitter chat

EcomChat was set-up by James Gurd + Dan Barker, experienced digital professionals with a background in retail ecommerce and track record of delivering successful consultancy projects for a wide range of B2C and B2B Clients.

Through EcomChat you can connect with more than 1,000 digital professionals worldwide and exchange knowledge, experiences, thoughts and opinions on all things ecommerce. People of all levels and interests are welcome, whether contributing or simply listening.

What EcomChat offers you

Free peer-to-peer networking

Here are some random facts about EcomChat

EcomChat is a free ecommerce networking community designed to share digital expertise and knowledge

Our Latest Posts

Social Media Success and Handling Backlash

Social Media Success and Handling Backlash

Feb 08 2016

#EcomChat on Monday 8th February will discuss “Social Media Success and Handling Backlash”. Social is always a hot topic and the rise of paid social is placing the spotlight back on social as…

Programmatic in Digital Marketing

Programmatic in Digital Marketing

Feb 01 2016

#EcomChat on Monday 1st February will discuss “Programmatic in Digital Marketing”. Programmatic is a topic often considering to be more about technology than marketing planning, but can you successfully integrate programmatic…

Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Jan 25 2016

#EcomChat on Monday 25th January will discuss “Email Marketing”. Email is one of the oldest channels retailers have used to reach their customers online. It’s an area that has developed a lot…

The Future of Digital Roles

The Future of Digital Roles

Jan 15 2016

#EcomChat on Monday 18th January will discuss “The future of digital roles”. 2015 witnessed a lot of change in ecommerce, for example the rise of paid social and the increased use…

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