Team Upskilling & Retention

December 13, 2021

EcomChat on Monday 13th December 2021 is on the topic of retaining ecommerce talent and helping them to learn more and succeed. We covered recruitment recently, so this leads on nicely. Given the costs associated with attracting new people, it’s important that ecommerce teams understand how to keep them motivated and delivering a consistently high quality of work.

As ever, there will be 3 loose questions to guide us through.

  1. What are the most common reasons for people leaving ecommerce roles & can you realistically address this?
  2. How do you identify new skills that an ecommerce team would benefit from learning & what learning paths are there?
  3. How do you support and nurture talent to ensure people are happy, confident and productive?

Do join us on Twitter using the #ecomchat hashtag.

@danbarker & @jamesgurd

p.s. If you have not taken part in #ecomchat before, there is info here:

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