Hiring For Ecommerce

November 8, 2021

EcomChat on Monday 8th November 2021 is on the topic of “Hiring For Ecommerce Team”. There’s been a noticeable shift towards flexible working demands and the battle for talent is about so much more than who can pay the most (though it helps!). On today’s chat we want to know the tips and tricks for attracting the right people and persuading them your business is the place to be.

As ever, there will be 3 loose questions to guide us through.

  1. How do you identify which roles & what type of person you need?
  2. How do you attract the best talent – what really matters?
  3. What advice can you give on doing selection well to ensure you pick a suitable candidate?

Do join us on Twitter using the #ecomchat hashtag.

@danbarker & @jamesgurd

p.s. If you have not taken part in #ecomchat before, there is info here: https://ecomchat.com/about/

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