What’s this about?

Every Monday we’re running an #EcomChat ‘ecommerce chat’ session on Twitter. This site is just a neat way of joining all of those together & storing info from them so it’s not simply lost in the wind.

  • Each chat starts at 1pm UK time (8am Eastern US) and runs for 1hr
  • Check Twitter for the latest alerts and news – @ecomchat
  • Each week we post a blog post with full details of the next session, the time, and some outline questions the chat will focus on
  • Be part of the conversation – follow hashtag #ecomchat

How do I join in?

Join in on Twitter at 1pm UK time on Monday (8am Eastern US), or follow along using the twitter #ecomchat live stream.

How does it work?

We’re sure things will evolve over time, but at the moment:
  • It’s a 1 hour chat session
  • We pick a different topic each week (for example, ‘content for ecommerce’, or ‘making the most of mobile’)
  • We ask 3 questions around the topic to nudge things along
  • Anyone can comment, chip in, reply to anyone if they agree/disagree etc. (it’s totally informal, but do try not to self-promote)
  • If you put ‘#ecomchat’ in your answer, everyone else will be able to see it
  • If you put the answer number (e.g. “A1.”) it makes things a little easier for people to follow

Give me an example?

An example question might be:

An example answer might be:

(see how he included ‘A2’ & ‘#ecomchat’ so that others could follow along?)

Who set this up?

#EcomChat was set up by @danbarker & @jamesgurd as a simple way to get people together to chat about ecommerce and digital marketing, to share knowledge, experiences and opinions.

If you’re still utterly confused, there’s an example of the first ever #ecomchat session here. Or, simply drop a note to @jamesgurd or @danbarker on Twitter.