We’ve had several requests/offers to turn the tweets from the weekly Twitter #EcomChat into helpful content to share, including write-ups of the key comments.

It’s something we are both happy to encourage as the primary aim of EcomChat is to share knowledge, experience, insight and ideas.

Using Content from #EcomChat Twitter Chats

If you would like to re-purpose EcomChat content, or even add your own unique take on the chats, please can you follow a few basic guidelines to help us preserve the integrity and quality of the chat. These simple guidelines are:

  1. Please quote the original sources of the comments by displaying the Twitter username e.g. “Paid search can be an important way to protect brand space online” @danbarker
  2. When referencing Twitter usernames, please link to their Twitter page – this helps chat contributors gain new followers
  3. At the end of your content, please include our standard EcomChat sign off text “EcomChat is a weekly ecommerce discussion on Twitter covering a new topic each week, run by @jamesgurd and @danbarker. For more info and news on the latest chats, please visit ecomchat.com” where ‘ecomchat.com’ links to the domain and our Twitter handles link to our Twitter pages.

If you have any questions about creating/using #EcomChat content, please drop us a line.

And thank you in advance if you do create #EcomChat related content – we look forward to seeing it!

Using the EcomChat Name, Logo or other Assets

We’ve invested a lot of time and effort into building & growing EcomChat as an ecommerce community. We also feel we have a responsibility of sorts to the thousands of people who have contributed to EcomChat. As a result, we care for the name, protect it, and make sure that the community continues to grow in an open way. Feel free to use the name to refer to it, as you would with any normal name, but please don’t try to build up another EcomChat community on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other network. If you do have an idea for partnering or helping extend the community, we are very open – do talk to @danbarker or @jamesgurd on Twitter, or contact us via the site.


James & Dan