Competing with Amazon

July 20, 2020

#EcomChat on Monday 27th July will discuss and important topic for ecommerce team: Competing with Amazon.

Amazon is the default ecommerce site for many customers, the first source they go to when trying to buy online. That can make things tough for other retailers, and gives them a slight ‘disadvantage’ from the start.

So for today’s chat we’re going to explore this, what gives them these advantages, and how ecommerce businesses can compete.

  1. What are some of the issues that make it hard to compete with Amazon?
  2. What can retailers and ecommerce businesses do to compete with Amazon & gain advantages?
  3. If selling via Amazon itself, are there ways to use the channel to help your business longer term directly?

We’re sure we’ll end up covering much more!

Thanks, Dan & James.

Join us at 1pm UK time on Monday 27th July and do share this post either on Twitter or via email with anyone you think would be interested.

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