Ecommerce Customer Journeys

March 26, 2018

Customers browse and shop across mobile, desktop, at work, at home. They may find out about you via search ads, TV, media placements, bloggers, influencers, word of mouth, or many other means. They may buy from you direct, or from a third party marketplace, or via a ‘channel’ partner you sell directly to. They may be comparing you vs competitors throughout that process, or competitors may actively be trying to ‘insert’ themselves within that journey.

Among all this: Is it important to know how they found you, how that journey took place, and what took them to buy, or stay loyal? Or is putting effort in here simply a waste of time when you could simply spend on PPC ads & make sure your CPA numbers are ok?

Today’s chat will try to address this.

Here are the 3 questions:

  1. Is it important to understand your ‘Customer Journey’?
  2. What tools & techniques can be used to understand and measure customer journeys with your brand?
  3. What are the potential pitfalls and how can you avoid them?

Join us at 1pm UK time on Monday and do share this post either on Twitter or via email with anyone you think would be interested.

Thanks, Dan & James.

p.s. If you’re wondering “what’s this about?” there is a page explaining all just here.

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