Ecommerce Trends & Their Impact on Job Roles

January 4, 2021

For January 2021, we’re using the theme of “Ecommerce Team Building & Management for Growth”. This was a popular theme mentioned by the #ecomchat community when we discussed interesting chat topics just before Christmas.

There are four chat topics covered by this theme:

  1. Ecommerce trends and their impact on job roles | 4-Jan
  2. Small business focus: how to resource a new ecommerce store | 11-Jan
  3. Managing ecommerce teams for growth | 18-Jan
  4. Creating efficiency between in-house and external teams | 25-Jan

For the first chat of 2021, we’re looking at current and emerging trends in ecommerce to evaluate the impact they’ll have on the job roles that ecommerce businesses most need to fill.

There will be a few conversation starter questions as always:

  1. What are the key ecommerce trends for the next 6-12 months?
  2. What skills will ecommerce teams need to master?
  3. What’s the best approach to fill skills gaps – train your existing team, recruit or invest in external specialists?

We’re sure we’ll end up covering much more!

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Thanks, James & Dan.

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