Launching small & medium business ecommerce sites

January 11, 2021

For January 2021, we’re using the theme of “Ecommerce Team Building & Management for Growth”. Last week we covered ‘ecommerce trends & their impact on job roles’ related to this, this week we’re covering:

“Small business focus: how to resource a new ecommerce store”

This has been a hot topic over the last year, with ‘DTC’ respiking (‘direct to consumer’ retail), and with numerous businesses launching new websites, or websites in new categories as audiences spend the vast majority of their buying time online.

Today, there will be a few conversation starter questions as always:

  1. What planning should small / medium businesses do in the run up to launching an ecommerce site?
  2. What are the options for small businesses to manage ecommerce site launches, and management, and ongoing marketing?
  3. What are the key decisions that a small business owner would need to make when launching an ecommerce site, and what are the pitfalls?

We’re sure we’ll end up covering much more!

Thanks, James & Dan.

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