This week’s topic – Big Ecommerce Mistakes – Monday 17th December 2012

December 12, 2012

Dear Reader,

The next #ecomchat will be at 17:30 UK time on Monday. The topic this week is “Big Ecommerce Mistakes”.

Here are the loose conversation-starter topics:

Q1: Which big, common mistakes do you see companies making around ecommerce/online marketing??

Q2: What’s the biggest ecommerce/online marketing mistake you’ve ever made, or seen someone make?

Q3: What do you do, or what should you do, to prevent/mitigate this stuff?

If you are around on Twitter at 5.30pm UK time on Monday, do follow the #ecomchat hashtag & chip in. As ever, we will summarise & share.

For more information contact either @jamesgurd or @danbarker via Twitter, or take a look at the ‘about ecomchat‘ page for further info

Thanks, James & Dan.

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