Ecommerce Platforms

December 10, 2018

Today we’re talking about one of the big fundamentals for online retail: Ecommerce Platforms. The right Ecommerce platform can help push forward your business and your sales; the wrong platform can hold you back & steal lots of effort for little returned value.

As the new year sits on the horizon, and recent developments among many of the major Ecommerce platforms have nudged them into the news, we’ll discuss the criteria you may look at to switch, the options, and the pros and cons.

As ever, there are 3 conversation starter questions:

  1. When is it actually time to switch to another ecommerce platform? Is it ever time?
  2. What are the options for an SME retailer looking to switch, what should influence your choice, and what are the pros/cons of each?
  3. Under what circumstances should you build your own ecommerce platform?

Join us at 1pm UK time on Monday 10th December and do share this post either on Twitter or via email with anyone you think would be interested.

Thanks, Dan & James.

p.s. If you’re wondering “what’s this about?” there is a page explaining all just here.

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