Optimising websites for SEO in 2018

January 8, 2018

Boom it’s 2018!

Welcome to our first EcomChat of 2018. It’s time to supercharge your neural networks and fire off some delicious ecommerce insights.

As we start 2018, SEO is still a hot topic with lots of debate around the future of SEO and whether or not Rank Brain changes anything in terms of how best to do optimisation. So to kick off our new #EcomChat year, we thought a cheeky chat about the tools & tech needed to do ‘smart’ SEO in 2018 would be a cracking idea.

By ‘smart’ we mean:

  • Based on relevant data
  • Aligned with business goals and commercial constraints
  • Customer focused and hot on UX
  • Continuously optimised with a focus on testing & learning

For background reading, this is a nice post from Dan Taylor on Search Engine Watch about how/if Rank Brain affects how you optimise websites for SEO.

As ever, there’ll be 3 conversation starter questions:

  1. What data do you need to do ‘smart’ SEO and which types of tool/tech provide this?
  2. How do you decide when to go free and when to invest in a paid tool?
  3. How do you decide which tools are best for your organisation?/li>

That’s it. Do join us if you’re reading this ahead of time, and do browse through the hashtag if you missed it.

Thanks and here’s to another wonderful year of #EcomChat indulgence.

Dan & James

p.s. Don’t forget the forums! It’s free to join and post content, a great way to ask smart people questions and get free answers:)

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