Ecommerce – Testing & Optimisation

March 11, 2013

This week’s #EcomChat will be at 13:00 on March 11th (UK time), and is on the topic of ‘Testing & Optimisation’. That may cover A/B testing, merchandising testing, marketing optimisation, or any other area of testing & optimising to improve the results of the business.

This week’s 3 conversation-starter questions are:

  1. Which areas should Ecommerce Businesses test & optimise to improve their results?
  2. What are the most important ‘tips’ and ‘myths’ around testing & optimisation?
  3. What are the big challenges, & should testing & optimisation be outsourced, or better managed internally?

Do join in if you’re free at 1pm UK on Monday (08:00 Eastern US), or simply follow the #ecomchat hashtag on Twitter. If you’re wondering “what is this all about?” there is an “about” page to help.


Dan & James.


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