This Week’s Topic – Christmas Trading for E-commerce Websites – Monday 12th November

November 9, 2012

This week’s #ecomchat will take place at 17.30 UK time. The topic for discussion is Trading E-commerce Websites for Christmas. With Christmas fast approaching and online competition increasing every year, the challenge is on for web teams to nail their marketing plans and ensure the e-commerce platform is stable and able to cope with the surge in traffic.

We’ll be focusing the discussion around three key questions. In our experience, the first two are the most common discussion points when companies start to flesh out their Christmas trading plans and the last one is just plain interesting!

Question 1:
What are the key on-site actions that need to be taken to ensure a website is ready for Christmas trading, including dev work?
Question 2:
How should e-commerce teams be using their marketing channels to drive Christmas sales?
Question 3:
How can pureplays compete effectively with multi-channel retailers given the disadvantge of having no store presence?

Please join in on Twitter using the hashtag #ecomchat. After the chat we’ll post a write-up including any links shared by chatters.

For more information contact either @jamesgurd or @danbarker via Twitter.

Thanks, James & Dan.

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