This week’s topic – Ecommerce Trends for 2013 – Monday 7th January 2013

December 20, 2012

Being the kindly souls that we are, we’re giving everyone a nice 2 week holiday for Christmas and NY,  so the first #ecomchat of 2013 will take place on Monday 7th January at 13.00 UK time.

The topic for discussion is Ecommerce Trends for 2013. So, it’s crystal ball time peeps, time to step into the world of futurology and predict the key trends for 2013 like an ecommerce Nostradamus. We love this type of discussion – there is no right answer, we all have a different perspective on what will be important based on experience, gut feel and insight from our jobs. So please join in and help us identify important topics that we think will play a major part in ecommerce planning and delivery next year.

As usual, we’ll be focusing the discussion around three key questions. In our experience, these are the most important issues that need to be discussed in relation to future gazing:

Question 1:

What are the key trends for ecommerce that you expect to see in 2013? e.g. in-store WiFi will become standard for all large department stores

Question 2:

What mobile specific trends do you expect to take front stage in 2013? e.g. increased allocation of marketing budget to mobile marketing

Question 3:

Which companies or brands do you think are already ahead of the curve for these trends and how? providing examples of websites, mobile sites, apps etc

Please join in on Twitter using the hashtag #ecomchat. After the chat we’ll post a write-up including any links shared by chatters.

For more information contact either @jamesgurd or @danbarker via Twitter.

Thanks, James & Dan.

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