This week’s topic – Homepage Optimisation – Monday 3rd December 2012

November 30, 2012

This week’s #ecomchat will take place on Monday at the new time of 13.00 UK time (this time seemed popular last week). The topic for discussion is Homepage Optimisation. For most e-commerce websites, the homepage the is main landing page, often receiving the largest percentage of pageviews for a single page. Despite this, the homepage experience can often be either overwhelming or underwhelming, with visitors unsure where to go next to achieve the goal for their visit.

There are many elements of homepage optimisation, so we’ll be focusing the discussion around three key questions. In our experience, these are the most important issues that need to be discussed when considering the homepage as a landing page.

Question 1:

What are good practice techniques for optimising your homepage? (ie. the main landing page)

Question 2:

Which processes, tools, & technology are required to enable this?

Question 3:

Which homepages do you think work well, which less well, & why?

Please join in on Twitter using the hashtag #ecomchat. After the chat we’ll post a write-up including any links shared by chatters.

For more information contact either @jamesgurd or @danbarker via Twitter.

Thanks, James & Dan.

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