This Week’s Topic – Sales & Promotions

November 18, 2012

This week’s #EcomChat topic is ‘Sales & Promotions‘. We’ve touched on this a little bit in some of the past #ecomchat sessions, so we thought it would be useful to focus on it properly. Especially as there will be many pre/post-holiday sales, flash sales, & ‘new range’ promotions during the next couple of months.

The 3 loose questions we have lined up are as follows:

  1. Q1: Which types of online sales/promos work best, and what are the myths & pitfalls?
  2. Q2: What are the big ‘must do’ activities ecommerce sites should do before/after a big sale?
  3. Q3: What can ecommerce sites do to make the most during ‘sales’ & ‘promotions’ times

If you are around at 17:30 UK time on Monday, do drop in on Twitter & chip in.

If you are still wondering “what’s this about?” take a look at our “what is #ecomchat” section, or have a look at the summary of last week’s session to get a better idea.


dan & james

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