October 21, 2012


What’s this about?

Every Monday we’re running a #ecomchat ‘ecommerce chat’ session on Twitter. This site is simply a neat way of joining all of that together & storing some of the info & contributions so it’s not simply lost in the wind.

  • Every Monday, 5.30pm UK time. (12.30pm Eastern US)
  • Hashtag #ecomchat

How do I join in?

Join in on Twitter at 5.30pm UK time (12.30 Eastern US), or follow along using the twitter #ecomchat live stream;.

Who set this up?

#ecomchat was set up by @danbarker & @jamesgurd as a simple way to get people together to chat about ecommerce.

How does it work?
We may evolve the format, but at the moment:
  • It’s a 1 hour chat session.
  • We pick a topic each week (for example, ‘content for ecommerce’, or ‘making the most of mobile’)
  • We ask 5 questions around the topic to nudge things along.
    • eg. “‘EcomChat Q1. Are you doing anything to measure how mobile affects sales from other devices? “
  • Anyone can reply, chip in, reply to anyone if they agree/disagree, etc. (it’s totally informal). If you put ‘#ecomchat’ in your answer, everyone else will be able to see it. If you put the answer number (eg. “A1.” it makes things a little easier).
    • eg. you might reply: “EcomChat A1. We’ve tried to measure sales across devices by looking at who logs in on mobile and then buys on desktop.”
That’s it!
If you’re still utterly confused, there’s an example of the first ever #ecomchat session here. Or, simply drop a note to @jamesgurd or @danbarker on twitter.

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