Analysing & Improving Campaign Landing Pages

March 8, 2021

EcomChat on Monday the 8th March 2021 continues our Customer Acquisition series and covers ecommerce landing pages.

To get the best ROAS and marketing ROI, landing pages must have a clear purpose and provide relevant information to persuade visitors to take further action. Not all ecommerce landing pages serve the same purpose, so its important to understand where in your conversion funnel a landing page sits, and align the content accodingly

Today we’ll discuss common challenges with landing pages and which metrics to use to measure performance. As ever, there will be 3 conversation starter topics on Twitter at 1pm UK time on the hashtag #ecomchat.

  1. How do you decide what content to put in a landing page?
  2. What are the most common issues with campaign landing pages and how do you fix them?
  3. Which metrics should you use to measure landing page performance and why?

We’ll cover the above and much more.

If you haven’t taken part before – it’s a Twitter chat, on the hashtag #ecommerce, each Monday at 1pm UK time. There’s more info over here: About ecomchat.

Thanks! James & Dan

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