Customer Lifecycle Marketing for Ecommerce

February 8, 2021

There was a time when Ecommerce marketing was largely thought of as SEO, PPC, Affiliate, and Email. Today there are dozens of channels in standard use by most Ecommerce marketers, and even different subchannels and purposes within each.

One way of focusing energy across those channels is to switch your marketing to focus around the customer’s entire lifecycle. Here’s a great example from that gets that concept across better than words:

In EcomChat on the 8th February 2021, we’ll discuss the overall concept

  1. What is the purpose of ‘customer lifecycle marketing’ for ecommerce, and should ecommerce marketing teams focus their energy on it? (should any niches in particular / in particular not?)
  2. What are the key elements and principles of a ‘customer lifecycle’ marketing program for ecommerce companies to actually achieve success vs simply follow the best practice?
  3. What tools and approaches are there for carrying out customer lifecycle marketing across ecommerce sites?

We’ll cover the above and much more.

If you haven’t taken part before – it’s a Twitter chat, on the hashtag #ecommerce, each Monday at 1pm UK time. There’s more info over here: About ecomchat.

Thanks! James & Dan

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