Ecommerce and GDPR

March 6, 2017

#EcomChat on Monday 6th March will be on the topic: “Data Protection for Ecommerce”

The EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will come into effect in the UK in May 2018, regardless of Brexit. It will impost much higher and stricter standards of data consent and control on data ownners, with serious breaches due to be punished by severe fines (the higher of €20m or 4% of global annual turnover).

What does this mean for ecommerce teams? Does it fundamentally change the way we collect and use data? The ICO has published a 39 page guidance document to help businesses understand the impact – bookmark now if you haven’t already.

Today’s chat will try and answer the following (and more!) questions.

Here are the 3 questions:

  1. How does this change the way we collect data for ecommerce?
  2. How does this impact business processes?
  3. Is this good for ecommerce?

Join us at 1pm UK time on Monday and do share this post either on Twitter or via email with anyone you think would be interested.

Thanks, Dan & James.

p.s. If you’re wondering “what’s this about?” there is a page explaining all just here.

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