Ecommerce Myths

September 6, 2021

EcomChat on Monday 6th September 2021 is on the tantalising and suitably elusive topic “Ecommerce Myths”.

Though still a young industry, ecommerce feels like it’s well into its middle-aged years and there is a wealth of ‘best practice’ information out there. Whilst much is well written and evidence-based, or at least provides a rationale explanation for its recommendations, there’s still a lot of noise and opinion. Ecommerce is nuanced and not all ‘golden rules’ can be applied consistently given the wide range of macro and micro factors influencing success, for example product type, audience, location, device, time of year etc.

So we’re asking, what ecommerce myths have you come across, or ‘best practice’ advice that isn’t always accurate and can lead to sub-optimal decisions? We want to put them on the table, chew them over like a dog with its favourite bone and straighten them out.

  1. What is an ecommerce myth and which ones have you encountered?
  2. How can you validate what’s said/written to know whether or not it’s true for your ecommerce site?
  3. Are there any universally applicable rules that can be applied to any business?

We think this will a bit different to the usual topics and a fun chat to join in.

@danbarker & @jamesgurd

p.s. If you have not taken part in #ecomchat before, there is info here:

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