Ecommerce: Revenue vs Profit

October 11, 2021

EcomChat on Monday 11th October 2021 is on the topic of Ecommerce Revenue vs Profit. Ecommerce has grown hugely over the last few years, but it’s still not unusual to see businesses that have reached great scale losing money, or to see smaller businesses unable to grow without reducing profitability.

As ever, there will be 3 loose questions to guide us through.

  1. Should ecommerce companies focus on growing revenue or focus on growing profitability? When is each more appropriate.
  2. What can ecommerce sites do to grow profit without reducing revenue, or to grow revenue without reducing profit?
  3. Are revenue and profit metrics the most important for ecommerce companies? What else counts?

Do join us on Twitter using the #ecomchat hashtag.

@danbarker & @jamesgurd

p.s. If you have not taken part in #ecomchat before, there is info here:

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