Forecasting & Planning

May 24, 2021

This week we kick off a new chat series on Demand Planning and today we’ll be talking about how ecommerce teams can do realistic forecasting.

Planning is important for any business, giving a forward-looking perspective on what the business can expect in terms of trading and resource demands. Effective planning can help ensure stock planning is aligned with marketing and sales, and ensure resources are sufficient to handle peak trading campaigns.

On today’s chat we’ll try and share advice on how ecommerce teams can plan effectively and improve forecasting. There are 3 starter questions as always.

  1. What do ecommerce teams need to forecast for and why?
  2. What knowledge and skills are required to do this accurately?
  3. How can you do this effectively in a volatile and fast-changing world?

We’ll cover the above and much more.

If you haven’t taken part before – it’s a Twitter chat, on the hashtag #ecomchat, each Monday at 1pm UK time. There’s more info over here: About ecomchat.

Thanks! James & Dan

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