How To Measure Customer Engagement

April 12, 2021

Today we’ll discuss engagement, a nebulous terms that needs clear boundaries. We all know that many site visitors aren’t there to buy, or at least not in the current session, so ‘engagement’ can be a useful stepping stone to a future conversion.

On today’s chat we’ll try and define what good engagement looks like and discuss sensible metrics. There are 3 starter questions as always.

  1. What does customer engagement really mean in the context of an ecommerce site & how do you engage customers?
  2. Which metrics can you use to measure this?
  3. How do you improve customer engagement and why should you bother?

We’ll cover the above and much more.

If you haven’t taken part before – it’s a Twitter chat, on the hashtag #ecomchat, each Monday at 1pm UK time. There’s more info over here: About ecomchat.

Thanks! James & Dan

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