Optimising Product Data for Ecommerce

April 28, 2019

Product data is a standard feed into an ecommerce platform. However, the quality, relevance and accuracy of product data still varies considerably, and it’s relatively easy to find ecommerce sites that don’t align product data with shopper decision hierarchies.

For example, well established furniture sites like Made.com don’t use product attributes to provide dimension based filters on list pages, making it very slow to identify products like sofas that fit to your room’s specific dimensions

So this chat will focus on tools & techniques to ensure you’ve got essential product data covered and then maximise the use of this data to help shoppers find relevant products quickly

As ever, there are 3 conversation starter questions:

  1. How do you decide what data is essential for your products?
  2. How do you find gaps in your product data, and how do you fill them?
  3. How can you use existing product data to improve your website’s UX?

Thanks, Dan & James.

Join us at 1pm UK time on Monday 29th April and do share this post either on Twitter or via email with anyone you think would be interested.

p.s. If you’re wondering “what’s this about?” there is a page explaining all just here.

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