Selling Internationally

September 20, 2021

EcomChat on Monday 20th September 2021 is on the suitably gargantuan topic of international ecommerce.

The shift to online snowballed in 2019, with McKinsey claiming that 10 years’ online growth happened in just 30 days. There are many trends in international commerce, including an increased interested from brands in Europe and North America in the Chinese market. It’s common for a business to seek to expand its customer base by exploring & growing overseas trade.

So we’re going to explore the challenges of selling across borders, sharing advice and tactics to help you fine tune your own approach.

  1. What are the key considerations when starting to sell internationally online?
  2. For UK and EU retailers, what impact has Brexit had on cross-border trade?
  3. For a business starting out, what should it focus on to enable it to sell internationally with the minimum outlay and exposure?

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