Site clinic:

May 10, 2021

Our site clinics have proven popular so we thought it was about time for another.

This week we’re looking at a small business that sells clothing for big men, with items in sizes 2xl – 8xl. Built on Shopify, the business is trying to grow its online revenue. Positioning themselves as ‘We are the game changers for big men’s clothing’ is a bold statement, so let’s see how well the ecommerce experience aligns with the brand vision.

On today’s site clinic, we’ll discuss how the Fortmens ecommerce site fares for UX and ecommerce ‘good practice’. There will be 3x starter questions as usual:

  1. How effective is the site and communicating the brand & persuading new visitors it’s a site they can trust?
  2. Do key ecommerce pages (e.g. search results, PLPs and PDPs) work hard enough to sell?
  3. If you were the ecommerce manager what would your priority improvements be and why?

We’ll cover the above and much more.

If you haven’t taken part before – it’s a Twitter chat, on the hashtag #ecomchat, each Monday at 1pm UK time. There’s more info over here: About ecomchat.

Thanks! James & Dan

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